Here’s How You Can Live With Plants

If you are awestruck by images of beautiful plants in your interior decor, you first want to go to the local nursery to purchase some plants to decorate your home. Alas! It’s not quite that way. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you plunge into the world of plants. They will share your space and should feel at home within your house like you.

So, what’s the initial thing you’ll need to do to achieve the desired result? What’s more, what can you do to make sure you don’t become dry twigs making a brave try to present a rigid smile on the situation? Let’s see.

How to Pick the Right Plants

Hardy plants, like rubber plants, pothos, white lilies, philodendrons, and snakes, are excellent, especially if you are beginning to learn. To make the most of them, create an arrangement of plants of different heights to break up the monotony. You can also use similar planters and arrange them in a row to make a visual impact.

The Planters Matter Too

Plant holders bring the appeal of your green pets to a new stage. There are many choices; you could try bamboo, earthenware, metalware, or jute to increase your plant life has looked. Plant holders that are quirky, such as teapots and old watering containers, are a great way to add some interest as well.

So, What is the Best Way to Showcase Your Collection?

Try to replicate the placement of plants from pictures from the interior decor site, but like anything else, you need to discover the best way to achieve the right look. This is because the furniture elements look different from those on the site. These images can be inspirational and help you to go in an appropriate direction. What do you have to do? Let’s see:

  • Window sills are an excellent option for your plants to enjoy some of the outdoors. Windows in the kitchen are ideal for the herb garden.
  • Indoor gardens are best when you have plenty of space. The best option is the area under your staircase or in an alcove close to your window. Consider adding bamboo or wickerwork elements to the décor to bring the nature theme forward. Oh! Don’t forget pebbles. A lot of them.
  • Vertical gardens are gaining popularity. Is there no better way to boost your home’s look than to go vertical?
  • It’s easy to spice the look of your hallway or foyer with a plant. A collection of these beautiful green plants placed next to the console table can create the feeling of a warm and welcoming home. If you’re unsuccessful, put up some hanging plants along the walls of your side.

Your Bathroom Needs Pep Too

So why not throw away the fake plants and purchase a genuine plant in your bathroom? The options for a humid environment include the following:

  • Boston Fern is perfect for areas with a lot of shade and high humidity. The lush and wild growth is precisely what you’re looking for to enhance the style of your bath.
  • Snake plants require indirect sunlight and don’t require constant irrigation, which makes them the perfect accessory to your bathroom.
  • Pothos, also known as the money plant, is fascinating to include in your bathroom design. To keep the tendrils from getting messy, remove the stems as they become unruly, or spin them around the plant to give it an attractive design.

A Shelving Unit for Your Little Plant Nursery

The shelving units are a different option for incorporating plants into your living space. Choose attractive planters of various shapes and sizes to accommodate your plants to achieve the perfect appearance. Plants with different shades and patterns of leaves will enhance their appearance too.

Bottom Line

Plants are the most effective method to give a touch of color to your home if you wish to give your house a fresh look but need more funds to pay hundreds of dollars. The little beauties can enhance the environment and can be calming, which is vital for those who live at a fast pace.

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