Get Yourself A Five-Star Home!

One of the advantages of travel is the luxury five-star amenities. The grand bed, the stylish lighting, or the luxurious bathroom, it’s a pleasure to be in the midst of luxuriousness. However, all good things have to end, and we go home carrying bags and luggage to our uninspiring interior décor.

However, it should not be this way. You can have an exquisite home that is worthy of a five-star hotel. It’s not as hard to accomplish as you might think. For helpful tips and tricks for the ultimate luxury five-star residence, take a look.

An Elegant Living Space

One of the first things that catches you when you walk into a lounge in a hotel is seating. The mixture of comfortable couches, chairs, and ottomans takes the look to a whole new level. A high-backed chair is an excellent option to create the perfect appearance in your home. Be sure to look for brocades with rich colors or gold trimmings. Let the chairs mix with the sofa with different textures and materials to mimic the appearance. If you stick to your color chart, then you’re well on your way to success.

TIP: A high-backed seat can be a wonderful single piece set on an angle at the corners. Sofa chairs, however, can be a part of forming a seating configuration in the middle and blending with sofas in a set.

Rich Upholstery

The furniture plays a crucial role in the hotel-inspired design. Be sure to select high-end materials like brocade, damask, and velvet. Sheer curtains are great for any room. They can be used with a heavy drapery to create an extravagant style. To make the space more opulent, include a luxurious carpet in the mix. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns, stripes, and even plain colors to create the desired look.

Good Lighting is Vital

Consider antique lamps and sconces in order to make sure you get the lighting in the right place. Pendants are also a good option; however, avoid a modern style. If you’re fortunate enough, you can find beautiful chandeliers at thrift stores. You’ll be amazed at the things people toss when they are in a rush to revamp their homes!

Get the Right Bed

The bed is usually the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the hotel room. In addition, it’s difficult to ignore the stunning design. Begin with a firm and comfortable mattress to ensure maximum ease. Select a luxurious mattress cover and silky cotton sheets for the ultimate comfort. Many hotels have magnificent headboards. You can remove and pad your headboard or buy an entirely new one.

Try to create symmetry with those side tables. For a stunning design for your hotel room, purchase some old lampshades to add a gorgeous ambiance. Add a rug on your bed to add some flair.

Bathroom Makeover

For a luxurious look, buy yourself luxurious towels in pure white and a chic bamboo basket for the hand towels you’ve rolled up. Small knick-knacks like shampoo dispensers, loofahs made of coir, and hand creams can do the rest. You can also add fresh flowers and candles with scents to elevate it to the next step.

What Colors are Best for This Look?

Hotels are not usually decorated with extravagant, bright hues. They want to give an ambiance of calm, which can be achieved with soft shades. Neutrals are fashionable, and greys and blues can be used. If you’re looking to add some color with throw cushions, they are your best choice since they restrict the usage of bright colors. Consider subtle hints of bronze or gold in your floral wallpaper for an elegant style. Limit the use of these wallpapers to the walls that you are using as accents; otherwise, you’ll be destroying the class. Also, make sure you choose delicate themes; we don’t need an excessively loud print to achieve this look.

Final Words

The process of building a 5-star home isn’t too expensive, as you can take what you already have and build upon it. If you’re planning to start with a blank slate, it could be a bit expensive, but we recommend consulting both designers on Homebliss. I want to make sure you get the most value for your money.

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