Five Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs Reflecting Happy Chaos of an Indian Kitchen

Modern kitchens are not complete without backsplash tiles. You can personalize the design of your kitchen with ceramic tile, and backsplashes are a great place to begin. Indian kitchens are also embracing modern kitchen trends. You should not be fooled by the boring, plain designs that are based on Western methods.

The Indian kitchen is a happy mess, a reflection of the spicy food and the chaos that we love. Ceramic tiles with digitally printed patterns and designs are a great way to customize your kitchen.

Here are five Indian-inspired kitchen backsplash designs.

The Kitchen of the World

When you want something extraordinary, this is the tile collection you should explore. This 30×60 cm vitrified tile can make you see something new. The color fusion of these tiles also perfectly reflects the beautiful yet chaotic side of Indian kitchens.

These tiles can also be checked for randomization phases. Randomized tiles with colored grout lines (you. Black can give the illusion of a continuous surface. This series has something for everyone.

  • Kyoto Green Kitchen Backsplash Tiles for nature lovers and those who want to be close to the natural world
  • Lodi Bright for the modern art lover in you
  • Muscat Red is for the boldest and most stylish personalities
  • Oran Green/Purple to reveal hidden talent
  • Pilsen Green for lovers of natural authenticity


Johnson Exotic also offers bolder and more natural design patterns.

The Perfect Dimensions of Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

A kitchen backsplash usually measures 60 cm high. You can build a backsplash wall that is higher depending on your kitchen design. You can create a backsplash with perfect dimensions using rectified 30x30cm tiles. Rectified tiles can be cut into squares that match the sizes required.

These tiles are easy to install with minimal grout. The different mosaic prints give the impression of a rich history in your kitchen. The Camaru and Frida patterns bring a touch of stately decor into your kitchen.

These matte-finish tiles will add a classic touch to any home. These tiles can be used on the wall and the floor. The floor will bend up and form the kitchen backsplash when you use them for the floor.

3D Elevation Concepts For Kitchen Backsplash

3D tiles are popular in many areas. 3D backsplash tiles for kitchens can give your wall a more natural and realistic appearance.

3D elevation tiles make a great accent wall. You can create a theme throughout your house with 3D tiles. The tiles are easier to clean with a glossy finish.

Johnson’s 3D tiles are the best because you can create a randomized pattern, meaning that each tile will have its unique design. This random phasing creates a continuous, natural design on the backsplash.

Blend Texture and Colours

Do you like rich textures but are not a big fan of bright colors? You will love this collection of glossy tiles for your kitchen backsplash. The Bexley tiles feature an embossed surface with a gloss finish. The surface texture gives the tiles a realistic sculptured appearance.

Bexley Green can be combined with dark furnishings and counters to create a royal look. Bexley White will make your kitchen appear humble and well-maintained.

Kitchen Backsplash with Heritage Tiles

You can create a nostalgic atmosphere in your kitchen by using heritage tiles. The best design is the 10.8×10.8cm square heritage tiles. Single-colour backsplash tiles for kitchens will create a solid background behind the counter.

Combining a darker shade with a lighter color can add a touch of creativity. You can combine a royal blue base and white tiles with a black and white chessboard.

These tiles come in three different variations: flat, beveled, and framed.

Even your grandmother’s old kitchen can be recreated with a solid backsplash made of Mango-Yellow tiles or New-Blue ones. When combined with white cabinets, aqua tiles can give the impression of being at a beach.

Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

The backsplash of your kitchen is an important but minor part of the overall design. The backsplash is the focal point of your kitchen. However, the counter, floor, and storage must all complement the backsplash.

It is impossible to pick one and leave the rest. You can use the color of the backsplash to determine the other colors in the room. For the best results, match your countertop and cupboard tile colors to your backsplash.

Don’t forget safety when installing tiles. Tiles for the floor should provide a better grip when wet in the kitchen. Use matt or textured tiles for the kitchen flooring.

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