Electricians Recommend These 4 Tips to Reduce Electrical Consumption

Do you worry about the amount you spend on your monthly electric bills? This is a concern that many homeowners in East Auckland and other parts of New Zealand have. There are several steps you can do to reduce the electrical consumption in your home. Wisdom Electrical Limited recommends the following steps that are recommended by electrician in East Auckland.

Check out the Energy Star Rating

Before you purchase an appliance, take the time to check its Energy Star rating. It’s especially important to do this if you plan on replacing energy-hungry appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. If you’re looking to maximize long-term savings, it is best to select an appliance with the highest energy rating that you can afford.

Install Dimmer switches 

Light bulbs are often used in homes that don’t get much natural light. It is easy to add hundreds of dollars per year to your electric bill. Asking trusted electricians to install dimmers in your home is the best way to solve this problem. You can control the amount of energy that your light bulbs use, and adjust the intensity to suit your needs.

Use the timer function

Many air conditioners come with a built-in timer. Take advantage of this. Set your timer for approximately one hour before you wake up. Even with the AC turned off, your room will still be cool for a few hours. It may seem that an hour is not much, but over time it adds up. You could save hundreds on your electricity bill over time.

Use Cold Water

Each time they are used, washing machines consume large amounts of energy. It can be a problem if you have to wash more than one load each time. You can save money by washing your clothes in cold water. This is because your system won’t have to run your water heater at the same time. You’ll need to ensure that the clothes you are washing can tolerate cold temperatures.

You can still take a few steps to reduce your electricity consumption, but it is worth starting with the above steps. You can ask your electrician to help you learn more about energy conservation.

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