Design A Home That Is Easy On The Environment

It is common to hear the term sustainability thrown around in conversations at parties and get-togethers. However, there are occasions when the word is complicated when we look at it about interior decor and lifestyle. We’d all like to do our best to protect the earth, but where do we begin?

You’ll be amazed to learn that numerous sustainable practices are simple to implement, and you don’t need to give up your dream of a gorgeous home to achieve these practices. How can you be green while keeping your goals alive? Let’s have a look.

Sustainable Interior Design in a Nutshell

Sustainable design practices are designed to limit excessive energy consumption and overuse of nature’s resources. Implementing these principles in your interior decor will help heal the earth and benefit the local community. What are the most essential characteristics of a sustainable and healthy interior? Let’s look them up.

  • Improving Indoor air quality

  • Using eco-friendly products

  • Adopting green methods

  • Reduces the use of non-renewable energies

  • Using passive designing methods

Let’s look at ways to do our part to save the planet by designing your homes.

Make Use of Natural Light and Ventilation

Begin your day with a fresh start by opening your windows each morning. Natural light can reduce your energy consumption. The most important thing? There will be a reduction in your electric bills.

Cross-ventilation is an excellent method to eliminate airborne toxins and pollution in your home. In addition, you’ll enjoy fresh air.

UsePaints that have low VOC

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, release harmful gases into the air that could pose a health risk. Make sure you choose paints with low VOC that do not smell when renovating your home.

Buy Local

Buying materials from distant locations will not only put a dent in your wallet but also impact the environment. Select materials such as wood and stone, readily accessible in your region, to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Let’s admit it. Importing Italian marble wastes time when we have excellent marble right here.

Try to blend into the surroundings around you seamlessly.

When you build your house from scratch or renovate it, make sure you don’t alter the natural environment by cutting down trees or destroying natural landscape features. Also, cutting down native plants or introducing exotic plants can disrupt the surrounding area’s ecology and should be avoided. Avoid plants that require lots of watering.

Eco-friendly Materials

Natural materials like stone, wood, or bamboo are the best choice. They emit an authentic look and feel and benefit the natural environment. There are many choices available on the market. You can build a beautiful home using these materials.

Consult a Sustainable Interior Designer

The most effective way to create eco-friendly home decor is to seek a designer with sustainable design experience. They will assist you in selecting green furniture, eco-friendly furnishings, or fixtures that will fit in with your space. Because these designers utilize local products, you can also reduce transportation emissions.

Upgrade Existing Furniture

In upgrading furniture, you reduce costs, and your old furniture won’t be in the garbage. How do you renovate old furniture? A fresh coat of paint on the table of the past will bring an exciting look to your house. It’s an issue of reupholstering old chairs and couches to give them an all-new design.

Low-flow Plumbing

Water is a vital resource. Rainwater harvesting systems are an attractive alternative. The water is utilized in bathrooms or to water the garden. It is not just good to do your part for the planet; you will also save money on your water bill.

Rainwater harvesting isn’t feasible. You can put low-flow plumbing fixtures in your taps to decrease water use.

Final Words

It’s about making a conscious effort to use green products when redesigning your interior. Once you’re in the habit, it’s automatic, and you’ll shy away from items harmful to the environment. We’re determined to find green solutions for your home decor requirements. Log on to homebliss. Or contact us right now.

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