Definitive Guide on the Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Many business owners are overwhelmed when it comes to maintaining an organized and healthy work environment. It is difficult to imagine cleaning every corner and crevice yourself, let alone the time that would be taken away from actual work. We’ll show you the advantages of cleaning in this guide and how we can help your company thrive.

What is commercial cleaning?
Businesses can hire commercial cleaning services to keep their workplaces clean and healthy. Commercial cleaners provide a wide range of services from deep cleaning to routine maintenance.

Professional commercial cleaning services offer a variety of services, including:

Cleaning toilets
Trash removal
Why should businesses invest commercial cleaning?
Commercial cleaning has many advantages, which is why businesses are investing in this service.

Improved Productivity
A clean work environment can improve productivity. The American Journal of Public Health conducted a study that found workers who worked in dirty and cluttered environments were less productive. It’s not hard to imagine that a clean office environment could have a significant impact on productivity, especially when you consider the fact that an average worker spends almost eight hours at their desk each day.

Reduced Absenteeism
Reduced absenteeism is another benefit of commercial cleaning. Employees who are ill don’t work, which costs the business money. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that businesses lose $225.81 millions per year because of flu-related absenteeism. Here’s the latest standard for commercial cleaning, since COVID-19 was introduced.

Improve morale
Commercial cleaning services are not only a great way to improve productivity, but also to boost morale. Employees who feel positive about their workplace are more motivated and engaged. Cleaning the workplace can create pride in employees and increase productivity.

Offices that look professional
You want to leave a positive impression on clients and customers who visit your office. Clean and well-maintained offices will help you achieve this. You don’t want your potential customers or clients to have the wrong impression of your business due to a messy office.

Cost savings are increased
Commercial cleaning services can help save businesses money over time. Employees who are engaged and productive will make fewer mistakes, which could cost the business money. Commercial cleaners will also help to extend the life expectancy of your office equipment and furniture by maintaining them.

Cleaning of higher quality
You can be assured that if you hire a commercial cleaning service you will receive the best possible results. Commercial cleaners are trained and experienced to clean your office quickly and efficiently. They also have the latest equipment and cleaning products, so they can handle even the most difficult stains.

Custom fit services
You can tailor the services you receive from a commercial cleaning company to meet your needs. Our services include carpet cleaning, window washing and other add-ons.

Customer and client satisfaction increases
If you want to impress clients or customers, your office should look clean and professional. This first impression will determine whether they do business with your company. A study by the International Facility Management Association revealed that 60 percent of respondents said cleanliness was their top factor when deciding whether they would return to a particular business.

Avoid liability and risk
Untidy and cluttered offices can pose a number liability and safety issues. You could be held responsible if, for example, someone falls and trips. A messy office can also attract pests that can be harmful to your employees’ health. You can protect your business by keeping your office clean.

Enhancing company reputation
A messy or cluttered workplace can easily damage the reputation of your company. Your office may be viewed as messy or unprofessional by potential customers or clients. They might not want to work with you. A clean, well-maintained office will reflect positively on you and your business. It can also help to attract new customers and clients.

Extra storage space
It can be hard to find extra storage when your office is cluttered. It’s especially difficult if your office is small. Professional commercial cleaning services can help you organize your office, and create much needed storage space. They can also help you organize your workplace to make it more efficient and easier for everyone to use.

A healthier workplace
Unclean offices can breed bacteria and germs. It is particularly true if food or drinks spills are present, since they can attract pests such as mice and rats. You can prevent illness from spreading to your employees by keeping your office clean.

Cleaning products and technologies that are advanced
You’ll be able to use the most up-to-date cleaning products and technologies when you hire a commercial cleaning service. Your workplace will be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. You won’t need to purchase or store any cleaning products.

Flexible scheduling
Working with a commercial cleaning company that offers flexible scheduling is one of the many benefits. You can plan the cleaning around your working hours. This is particularly convenient if your schedule is unpredictable or busy.

Enjoy affordable rates
A professional cleaning service offers affordable rates. You can now get the cleaning services that you need, without having to break the bank. Many commercial cleaning services also offer discounts to businesses who sign up for regular service.

Commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning: What’s the difference?
Commercial cleaning and industrial cleansing may appear similar but there are key differences. Commercial cleaning is usually done at a smaller scale in office buildings or retail shops. Industrial cleaning is typically done in larger facilities, like factories or warehouses. Commercial cleaning requires less heavy equipment and cleaning agents than industrial cleaning2. Industrial cleaning requires more safety measures, due to the greater exposure risk.

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You can see that there are many benefits of working with a commercial cleaning service. Any business would be wise to invest in commercial cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning services can help you improve productivity, reduce absenceeeism and create a positive impression with clients and customers. We will be happy to discuss the specifics of your needs and create a cleaning plan tailored for your business. Our commercial cleaning services include office cleaning, janitorial service, carpet cleaning and more.


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