Decorating Your Living Room Texas Ranch Style

Home Stratosphere conducted a study that found 29% of people decorate their living rooms with a contemporary decor style. 21% prefer ‘traditional’ living room decor. Texas ranch style is an excellent combination of contemporary and traditional. The goal is to create a room that feels spacious and comfortable. The modern Texas ranch style doesn’t just mean sticking antlers to walls. It’s more about bringing nature inside and being inspired by the great outdoors.

Creating Space

The first thing that you notice when you visit a modern Texan Ranch is the sense of space. In Texas, there are land lots available. Ranches in Texas will have plenty of space for building and land. Place large mirrors opposite each other to create the illusion of space and depth. Declutter your living room by finding new homes for trinkets and ornaments. Choose a few statement pieces or keep your shelves bare to create a focal piece in your room.

Fabrics and Soft Furnishings

Fabrics can have a huge impact on how comfortable and cozy your living room looks. Take inspiration from Texas ranches and drape faux fur blankets on your sofas to keep warm during the winter. Consider using a little bit of cow print on pillow covers to avoid it being too overwhelming. Dark velvet or corduroy is also popular in ranches. They will reduce noise if your floors are wooden or tiled.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Texas is famous for its vast open spaces. Bring elements of nature into your home if ranch style is what you’re inspired by. You can use large potted plants with wide leaves to create a statement or large vases filled with dried flowers for something low maintenance. You can make seasonal changes by adding garlands of fall leaves in October or pine decorations in the winter. Fill your fireplace mantel with colors from nature and use it as a feature.

Texas ranch style is about creating an open, spacious feeling in your home. Use warm fabrics and decorate your home according to the season.

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