A Complete Guide to Interior Painting

Does your home appear shady because of dull walls or faded shades? It’s time to think about painting your interior. It’s the most effective method to bring some brightness to the interior of your house and bring smiles to the face of your loved ones. Painting houses is a challenging job that has to be done correctly. It’s not for everyone’s cup of tea! If you are planning to paint the exterior or interior of your house There are some important decisions to be taken to guarantee long-lasting, bright colors. Working with a professional painting company such as Elite exteriors can help you with your painting task.

The size of your home does not matter, what is important is how beautiful you create your home to appear. Professionally trained painters handle all aspects of painting your house beginning with filling the holes, choosing the colors and even arranging the furniture. This is why it is important to select a reliable and experienced painting contractor for the painting task.

The most challenging aspect of painting interiors is the process of selecting colors. Professional artists can help you decide what color would work in your drawing room or in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room. To reduce anxiety, they typically concentrate on one fundamental design concept: match.

What to Know Before Starting Your Interior Painting Project

Before beginning the painting process, you should take a look at the text and learn about the best practices for painting interiors.

Before you begin the painting process, be aware of the sheen of the paint, also known as what is the level of gross. The greater the gross level, the more dazzling will be the appearance as well as the final appearance. There are a variety of sheens on the market. The most popular ones include Flat or Matte Eggshell, Flat or Matte Satin Semi-gloss, High gloss, and Ceiling flats.

Go for bold colors and take a chance. for bright colors

Pick colors that bring a sense and dimension to spaces. Make sure you understand the underlying psychology of color and choose according to your preferences. For instance blue is a great color for bedrooms and light yellow is great for living spaces and so on.

Using Primer

Primer is essential for interior painting. Primer is crucial to hide stained colors and stains, and it also acts as an extra layer of paint that allows the paint’s top coat to adhere better and give better results.


To ensure that things go quickly, you must be prepared. Begin by moving furniture, covering household objects with a clean cloth, removing switches, fixing things such as a broken door, etc. This will help you save time and will not leave you damaged.

The use of an extension pole can be a smart choice

An extension pole that is added to the roller can make it easier to save time. It will allow you to extend your reach, especially on ceilings, but without having to move a lot.

How Often Should You Repaint Your House Interior?

Repainting your home is a major task that creates a massive visual impact. How often do you paint your home’s interior? It is dependent on the space. Certain rooms require painted more frequently than others because of their frequent usage. However rooms that aren’t being used often may not require an update in paint. Whatever number of rooms you’re required to repaint it is possible to trust Elite exteriors to handle interior painting services in South Jersey.

Living and Dining Room

The dining area is typically the most infrequently used room in the home. A lot of people utilize their dining rooms for formal events or holiday celebrations every few months. If that’s the case for your dining area, the paint will see minimal damage, meaning that it lasts longer. It is possible to get by with painting it every seven years.

While you may are more likely to use your living area than your dining area but it doesn’t need periodic repainting. Many people use living rooms for things such as relaxing, socializing and watching television and watching TV, but none of these activities can cause paint to wear away quickly. So, when you don’t have kids it’s possible to go six or seven years without needing to paint your living space. The children who are constantly chasing each other can result in more wear and tear on your walls, which can result in having to paint more frequently.


While bedrooms are frequented more than dining rooms and living spaces but they aren’t subject to any more damage. Bedrooms for adults typically don’t see the most damage to their paint which means they’ll last for a long time. However, children’s bedrooms aren’t as durable. Children often use their bedrooms to sleep and play and sleeping, so the paint in their rooms can easily become scratched. Thus, adult bedrooms generally need to be painted every 5-10 years, while rooms for kids may require an update more often like every four years.


The kitchen is among the most frequently used rooms in your home so it requires re-painting more frequently. The kitchen is where you use it daily for cooking and eating food and is frequently exposed to water from the dishwasher and sink. Therefore, there’s a lot of activity taking place in the kitchen regularly. Paint wears out fast due to the pressure and regular cleaning. This is why it is recommended to repaint your kitchen at least every three years.


As with the kitchen, your bathroom gets frequented and susceptible to a lot of wear and wear and. Consider all the steam and water that is splashed on your bathroom walls each day. If wash your hands in the sink or showering the effects of condensation can really ruin the paint in this space. To keep the walls of your bathroom in good condition you should paint them each 3 to 4 years.


The ceiling you have is one of the strongest and long-lasting paint you can find in your home. The ceiling may experience scratching over time due to exposure to heat and condensation humidity, and wear and wear and. But, you can anticipate the ceiling’s coating to last for about 10 years prior to needing new coats.

5 Paint Color Trends That Transform Your Home Interior

Homeowners are expecting a lot of painting the interior of their homes. the style and appearance of the interior of their home. The trends change and disappear. It’s much simpler to apply a new coat of paint that has an exciting new hue than to replace furniture or other accessories. Switching out the old color to a trendy style will revitalize your interiors and bring new fashion and personality to your whole house.

Here are some examples of the most current trends in interior home paint shades.

Classic Blue

Nearly capturing the look of the night sky, classic blue dominates interior paint colors in 2020. In these turbulent times the classic blue paint for interiors gives a sturdy, solid base for your interior spaces. It’s a soothing hue that brings dimension and personality to the interior of your house.


White has returned as a popular interior paint for homes and a fashion trend. White interior paint that has white accents offers a soft layering style for your rooms. Fresh, clean look brings depth and age with the most simple and versatile color.


Clay is a growing style trend in interior paint. It is inspired by old-fashioned earthenware and plaster It is warm, interior paint trends that provides warm and cozy to spaces of your home.

Burnt Orange

One of the best ways to make specific areas of your home to stand out is by using the use of burnt orange interior paint. Utilizing the burnt orange color and the rust hue in a moderate amount adds an element of character and depth to the rooms in your house. A small amount can go a long way when it comes to these rust colors which are perfect as a front entryway as well as other areas that are more subtle of your house.


Peacock can be described as a dark, eerie color that gives the character and tone of the interior of a house. Jewel tones such as peacock, charcoal and off-black give an enveloping and soothing feel. These dark hues are popular for interior painting projects at home in these eerie and unsettling times.

5 Interior Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Not Taking the Time to Prep

For many, the process of starting on their painting projects can be so thrilling that they neglect the preparation work. Our experienced interior painters who live in Auckland say that the biggest difference between their projects and DIY ones is the absence of proper preparation. Proper preparation includes clean the walls and scraping away pieces of paint, closing cracks permitting the patching compound to fully dry and applying the painter’s tape.

Going Cheap on Rollers and Brushes

Even if you choose to use the finest quality print however, it’s not going to look identical if you skimp on the applicators. High-quality brushes and rollers offer better coverage and will help to make use of less paint than lower-quality applicators. The use of high-quality tools and brushes is well worth the investment because it will give you more uniform layers, and the end result will be a stunning paint job.

Not Having a Plan

Aimlessly painting is not a recipe as a successful painting. Make sure you begin near the highest point of your wall (by the ceiling) and continue painting downwards on the wall. This can also to catch drips and give the finish a more even and smooth look. Our experts in painting are aware of the best methods to ensure your home gets an impeccable painting job. Request a no-cost estimate from a professional today!!

Not Using Primer

Primer is crucial in repainting your home’s interior but it’s often left out of the procedure. Primer can mask imperfections on the surface, and also provides you with a long-lasting and smooth surface. Primer-and-paint-in-one blends are fine to use if the surface doesn’t have any flaws, was previously painted, or has a flat finish. But if you’ll be painting over concrete, wood, plaster, porous drywall, or glossy paint, you’ll want to use a primer on its own as opposed to a primer-and-paint-in-one mix.

Using Too Much Paint on Your Brushes

Applying too much paint to your brushes could result in excessive drips. You’ll be forced to work harder achieve an uniform coat. Be sure to use your brushes only a third of the way. This will put enough paint onto your brush without having to waste it or creating additional work.

Recent Trends

Most people are accustomed to a general idea of house painting. It is to paint all rooms with one colour. In reality, this idea has become obsolete! Explore a variety of colours, as custom painting jobs have become extremely popular these days.

Accents are now a popular style in painting interiors. In order to make the space more attractive and elegant You can match the three walls with accents through covering the 4th wall in the contrast of a bolder shade.

Why not try something new for walls? Professional painters are focused on turning walls into a kind of art. Engage a professional artist create some artwork and put them to the walls you like. It will look great.

Elite exteriors, the painting company that is based out of Auckland looks at every minute aspect to make your home appear attractive. We employ a group of highly skilled painters who are experts in both painting exterior and interior. Commercial painting, residential painting as well as decorative paintings are three areas where we provide our painting services. Contact us today for top-quality painting services at a reasonable cost. https://eliteexteriors.co.nz/


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