7 Benefits of Switching to Polished Concrete Flooring

If you are the owner of a commercial outlet, you are already aware of the heavy work that your has to stand regularly. You are well aware that your flooring adds to the look of your store. How many times have you wished if it were possible to have a floor that could retain its beauty without you having to maintain it so much? The good news is that this is possible; you can avail of it at an extremely affordable price. 

Yes, we are talking about polished concrete Melbourne. Let us find out what are the benefits that can you avail yourself of using polished concrete floors from this article: 

No More Dusting from Efflorescence

Unpolished concrete is strong but also responsive to natural chemical reactions and some kinds of damage. This kind of flooring is porous. So, efflorescence is always occurring in it. An upward force, known as Hydrostatic pressure, pushes the tiny dust particles toward the surface. This process by which salt migrates is called efflorescence. Efflorescence causes dusting, resulting in epoxies being removed from the surface of the concrete floors. Maintenance of the floor then becomes a costly process. If the concrete is polished, you will not have to worry about the maintenance and dusting of the floor.

Stain Resistance

Polishing the concrete floor tightens it is researching in reducing its porosity. The fluid that is not porous does not absorb water, oil, and other elements. Thus, naturally retaining a clean finish.

Better Lighting

The polish allows for the concrete flooring to reflect more light. The flooring that reflects light well saves you on energy and the bill for the same. Additionally, the flooring is safe, looks new, clean, and appealing to everyone who visits your store.

Slip Resistance

In the first look, polished floors may appear to be slippery. Although the floors are slippery when wet, once dry, they offer great slip resistance. You can treat these floors with glass beads or sand to increase their anti-slippery characteristic and suitability for environments sensitive to grip.

Free from VOC

Polished concrete surfaces do not use volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be unsafe for people in your store. The absence of VOC usage makes it LEED-friendly. 

Increases Longevity of the Floor

Polishing concrete can increase the longevity of the slab, which can otherwise show many problems such as surface stress, delamination, and curled cold joints. Polishing a floor strengthens it, increases the impact of the floor, and prevents it from eroding.

Reduced Wear and Tear

If your retail store is prone to high vehicle traffic and foot traffic, uneven concrete flooring can cause abrasion and the tires to wear and tear. Using polished concrete flooring can prevent this from happening. Additionally, it can stand large equipment suppliers forklifts, resist skid marks and smaller vehicle stains. The joints are levelled and combined with a high traction sealant; polished concrete flooring can perform well for years. Thus, polished concrete flooring aids in smooth operations.


It would help to be mindful of a few things when using concrete flooring. For instance, you have to be very careful with handling objects. If your mobile phone falls on a carpet, it will be safe, but if it drops on a polished concrete floor, the glass cover might shatter. The concrete floor may develop cracks if it has not been laid properly. Also, the floor tends to get remarkably cold in winter, so you must avoid walking barefoot in those months. Barring a few such aspects, polished concrete flooring is a great choice to use in the space of your choice.

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