Dressing bedside tables is a skill. It’s easy to make mistakes when you use too many, too few, or the wrong combination of accessories. But once you have the right mix, the results will speak for themselves.

A bedside table that is elegantly designed and stylish will make any bedroom look more spacious.

Are you unsure whether to add a bold table lamp or a variety of accessories to yours? These are six top tips to make a bedside table look great.

1. Accept different heights.

When it comes to making a bedside outfit, proportions matter. A flat appearance can be created by using objects of the same dimensions, whereas accents with varying heights create a dynamic dimension.

For rousing drama and high-impact, tall designs are ideal. Smaller accents bring balance and calm.

Be aware that your bedside table is the most important thing in your bedroom. Adding pieces of different shapes and sizes to your space adds feng shui and helps you create a peaceful sleeping environment.

Style ideas:

For height, consider tall vases or table lamps, while medium-sized candles, as well as photo frames, to achieve mid-level beauty. Low-profile decorative bowls or trays are flattering additions.

2. Take into account the texture.

A bedside table with texture can instantly create a striking display. Consider the surface that you are working with before you decide on the textures.

Different bedside tables, whether made of rich wood, metal, or mirrored glass, require different textures. High-shine veneers can look stunning with smooth accents such as ceramic vases or table lamps. Tactile accents can be anything from hammered metal pieces and coral sculptures to complement tables with a visible grain or draw attention when compared to a smooth glass surface.

A mix of textures can create a visual impact similar to how different heights can add interest. Helen Green Design has created an elegant bedroom that combines a table lamp with a unique golden box vase.

Style ideas:

Try out faux shagreen bowls and boxes, as well as crackle-effect ceramic lighting or vases with textured surfaces.

3. Consider personal and practical.

Bedside tables can be used to decorate your home, but they also serve a purpose: They are a place for personal and functional belongings. You don’t have to sacrifice style for useful accessories like clocks and valet trays that keep your precious trinkets safe. Double-duty designs are a good investment that complements your decor.

London interior designer Laura Hammett has chosen pretty but practical golden bowls to match the metallic accents in this peaceful bedroom.

A nightstand can be enhanced with personal touches. A bedside arrangement can be made personal by adding artwork or photos to frames. You can add personal touches by using candles in your favorite scent or a vase containing your most beloved flowers.

Style ideas:

We love the new season’s photo frames by AERIN and Vera Wang from Wedgwood. They are perfect for personalizing your photos.

4. Style with symmetry.

A striking technique that is always pleasing to the eye is playing with symmetry. You can opt for a mirror image look by using identical bedside arrangements on either side. Twin table lamps are a great way to frame a bed and add style to small spaces.

Matching accents – take note of these metallic photo frames and posies with red flowers in this luxurious Taylor Howes room – they emphasize a balanced aesthetic. You can also use subtle symmetry to show two distinct but cohesive bedside stylings by using a color theme or material.

Style ideas:

When styled in pairs, table lamps, bookends, and statuesque ornaments, as well as floral arrangements, shine even more.

5. Contrast & complement.

A bedside arrangement’s success depends on the right colors. To highlight the design of your table, you can complement or contrast it with other colours.

No matter what colour you choose – ebony black or rich walnut, or pure white – make sure to reference the cabinet’s hue by using accents in similar colours. A few contrasting colours can help you avoid a monotonous look and add layers to your display. Contrast light hues with dark cabinets and vice versa. Adding highlights to your home with bold colours and metallic tones is a great idea.

Your bedside decor will be enhanced if you use linens from the same colour family. This interior was designed by Katharine Pooley. A deep grey bedspread and photo frame were used to flatter a dark cabinet.

Style ideas:

Metallic accents (HT0_ Michael Aram is a specialist in this area) add gold and silver to bedsides, while calm green and blue tones will be major accent colors this season.

6. It is better to have less than you think.

The key to an en pointe bedside style is to use less. Although there are many unique accessories available, it is tempting to overload your nightstand with them. However, a few powerful accents will always work better than a lot of other accessories.

Remember that accessories are meant to enhance the table’s surface, not hide it. Allow yourself to embrace the blank space and allow timeless designs and craftsmanship to show through.

Style ideas:

As with subtle patterns, accents in neutral colors create a look that is less is more. Simple, clear glassware always makes for a timeless, elegant display.

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