5 Unconventional Living Room Wall Tile Ideas You’d Love to Show-off

Once upon a moment, the safe play was the most popular choice for home interior design. In the modern world, a safe space can be too bland to reflect your desire for meaning. To be opinionated, modern tiles can give the interior a new artistic look.

Tiles are now being used on the walls, in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even outside. Tiles will instantly make your home look more modern. Using tiles also has many benefits.

With a variety of stylish wall tiles, you can create the interior or exterior of your dreams. Wall tiles are available in every style, pattern, and finish. You can choose from natural stone tiles and wood-like tiles to digitally printed art wall tiles.

This list will help you make your choice.

I. Marble Look Wall tiles for the Living Room

Interior design is increasingly incorporating marble-look tiles. The glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVTs), with their natural veins and intense shades of color, perfectly replicate the look of natural marble. H&R Johnson offers marble-look tiles in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes.

These tiles can be used to customize any part of your house, from the kitchen to the living room and bedrooms. H&R Johnson has some of the most amazing tiles for your living room.

  1. Tessara Waves tileThis dark blue Tessera Waves design will create a modern feel for your living room walls. This tile is glossy and has unique shades of marble. This large tile, measuring 160x80cm, will give you a uniform look on your wall with minimal grout lines.

    Tessara wave tiles will improve the appearance of your living room if you have white or light-colored floor tiles. This tile will give your walls a seamless, continuous look.

  2. Athens Black TileThe Athens Black Marble Look Tile in High Gloss Finish is an excellent option if you like a black interior theme. The Italian marble pattern on this tile will create a striking look for your living room walls. This tile’s designs look great in rooms with white or light-brown floor tiles.

    These tiles can be used even if the floor tiles you have are matte black or rustic. The Athens Black Tile with Dimensions 120x60cm will create a focal piece in your living area.

  3. Columbia White TileThe Columbia White Tile is similar to natural marble both in terms of color and pattern. This white tile with a polished finish will give your living room a modern yet subtle look. These tiles look great with wooden-look or beige floor tiles. These tiles are suitable for almost any interior design.

    Columbia White is the perfect choice for wall tiles in neutral colors.

II. Use Matte Finish Tiles to Add Elegance to Your Wall

Matt tiles have become a popular trend in wall tile design. These tiles are non-shiny, which gives them a more natural and subtle look. The matte finish is also good for hiding stains and scratching, reducing the frequency of cleaning. Here are some of the best matte finishes for wall tiles to consider:

  1. Paloma Cotto TilePaloma cotton matte finish tiles are a good option if you have a living room with a subtle theme and want to create an elegant look. If your floor is beige, pale white, or light colored marble look tiles, these tiles will work well on your living room walls.

    Poloma Cotto, a large format wall tile, will give your walls a uniform appearance. Natural earth tones add warmth to any home.

  2. Sisca Coffee Ceramic TileFor walls, Johnson’s Sisca Coffee matt finish tile is a good option if you like darker colors. This tile comes in a 160x80cm size with a rustic appearance. It is perfect for floors and walls. Use it to create a focal wall in your living area while keeping the three other walls in a pale grey, beige, or white color.

    You can use Sisca Coffee tiles on the other walls if you’re using digitally printed tiles as the focal wall. This will give your room a modern look.

III. Stone tile walls with textured surface

Textured tiles give a wall a modern, natural appearance. These tiles are ideal for outdoor use. They can be used in garden seating areas or as external wall cladding. These tiles come in many designs and colors, most of which look like natural stones.

H&R Johnson offers a wide variety of stone-look tile designs.

  1. Mix Stone Brown TileJohnson’s Mix Stone Brown Tile is a tile that can be used with any theme. This tile, which is 60×30 cm in size, is designed specifically for walls. These rustic finish elevation tiles, when installed correctly, can transform the look of your entire living room.

    The tiles are best suited to floors that have light tiles such as pale beige, pale brown, light gray, and so on.

  2. Albano Grey TileAlbano Grey is a popular design in textured tile. The wall looks like a collection of natural stones with different shades of grey that have been cut and stacked on top of each other. These tiles go well with grey matt floor tiles.

    This rustic elevation tile is a great option for a modern yet organic interior.

IV. For a natural look, choose wood-like tiles

Wooden-look is timeless, whether it’s for walls or floors. The wood-look GVTs are suitable for any theme and enhance the appearance of any room. Tiles that look like natural wood will give your home an organic feel while still keeping it modern.

Johnson offers a wide variety of wooden look tiles in many sizes, shapes, and colors. The following are the most popular designs of wooden look tiles.

  1. Lankan WoodThe Lankan Wood tiles are the perfect choice for the walls of your living area if you like to have green plants indoors or decor inspired by nature in your room. This tile adds a beautiful touch of personality to your home.

    The matt finish makes the tile look like real wood. The Lankan Wood tiles go perfectly with white furnishings, indoor plants, and green walls or floors.

  2. Zen Wood Coffee TableZen Wood Coffee tiles by Johnson come in long slabs measuring 120x20cm. This is your best choice if you prefer the darker shades of natural wood.

    Install these tiles vertically or horizontally to get the look you want. This tile has a textured surface and matches perfectly with the white and grey tones of living rooms.

V. 3D & Printed Wall Tiles to Create an Artistic Look

You cannot find a better way to bring art into your home than with printed and 3D tiles. These tiles come in a variety of patterns and designs.

Johnson offers a wide range of wall tiles with digitally printed patterns, from geometric to rustic. Here are a few options you should consider:

  1. Carina Décor The TileCarina Decor wall tiles feature a 3D design. The digital 3D illusion pattern will give your living space a unique, abstract look. This polished tile perfectly combines a 3D design with an artistic appearance.

    The Carina Decor Tile is perfect for living rooms with a white, grey, or black theme.

  2. Ferro MosaicFerro Mosaic is a tile with a theme based on mosaics that combines classic mosaic patterns and a modern tile finish. This tile is ideal if the piece of your home is inspired by colors or art.

    This tile can be used in the living room, kitchen, office, or on your front porch.

What makes tiles better than other wall decor materials?

There are many other wall decoration options available, including wallpaper, paint, natural wood, or stones. The durability and hygiene of ceramic and glazed vitrified tile are superior to other wall decor materials. Ceramic wall tiles have many advantages over other wall decor options.

  • The wall tiles are durable because they resist water, stains, and scratches.
  • The tiles don’t require replacement every few years and are easy to maintain. Painting or wallpapering walls requires regular maintenance.
  • In the long term, tiles are a more cost-effective option.
  • The tiles in your home do not cause any pollution or hygiene issues.
  • The tiles can be recycled in many ways. For example, you can mix them with cement to create new flooring.

Vitrified tiles are superior to other materials for many reasons. With minimal effort, you can create any look. It would be best if you chose tiles that suit your taste and theme.

Explore the portfolios to see alternative designs for the tiles featured in the blog. H&R Johnson offers a wide variety of marble imitation tiles, including the blue marble pattern.

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