5 Lilac Decor Ideas For Your Home

Lilac isn’t a hue that is immediately thought of when you design your home. It is a shade that can be a big draw by creating a distinctive appearance. Furthermore, the fact this color is in fashion is a bonus.

How do you utilize Lilac in your home decor? What are the colors that complement this delicate shade? Without going over the top, Let’s learn more about the appeal of Lilac and how to make use of it to highlight the best in your décor.

1. White with Lilac

White can be an intriguing option for the wall paint in Lilac. It enhances the delicate lilac hue without obscuring it. You can incorporate the white shade into your curtains and furniture made of cane, as well as sofas and lamps. To create a vintage look, it is hard to beat an attractive white shelving unit in your kitchen or dining area. Additionally, you can continue the lilac theme by using a variety of cups with that hue. A few pieces in deep violet won’t be inconvenient in this arrangement.

Shades that complement white and Lilac? Greens like pastel, moss, or muddy yellow can be great options. Be careful when choosing these colors.

2. Use it as an Accent

It is no doubt that it is a beautiful color that is perfect for homes. But if it’s not your style, then you can include a hint of lavender and Lilac in the decor. It could be in the form of vases, crockery carpets, flowers, or stoles. To take your style up a notch, you should carry the theme of Lilac into all of the decors in your home. This will create a smooth beauty. It will be able to work with neutral colors as long as you don’t add vivid colors to the mix.

The bathroom could also be adorned by adding a splash of Lilac. If nothing else works, you can add some rolled lilac towels to the mixture. Utilize wicker baskets with a stylish design as containers. A few faux lavender sprigs make this look stunning.

3. Lilac Upholstery

If your walls are white in the house, consider adding Lilac and dark mauve sofas into the design. Add some flair to your interior by adding dark gray or white and black cushions. To add a unique variation, consider adding chairs in patterns or stripes with subdued hues. Keep in mind that you’re hoping for Lilac to become the main character. A few sprays of purple flowers in your vignette can add an extra dimension to your style. To give your décor the final touch, decorate your walls with artwork. Also, don’t overlook lighting. To learn how to get the right lighting, click on this link.

4. Mix it up with Gray

Gray is a classic beauty. To complement your home decor, a lilac couch, cushions, and rugs are the best choices. But you might need an additional color to enhance the appearance. Peach is a great choice for this particular setting. Moss green is a striking shade and is great as a backdrop for your accessories.

Don’t forget to let your flooring decide on the shade of the rug. Look for contrasts: dark rugs for flooring with light colors and soft rugs for darker flooring. In this instance, maroon or dark gray are good choices. Utilize moss-colored or dark grey as well as black pillows to add some style to your sofas.

5. A Lilac Kitchen

A lilac backsplash for your kitchen can add a distinctive look. Wall paint that is waterproof is a possibility. For those who prefer tile, there are a lot of options; you could choose patterned tiles or opt for lilac glossy tiles. To add a final touch, be sure to add accessories that are dark purple or indigo.

If you are looking for a white or neutral-colored kitchen, you can add lilac accents to your kitchen’s design so that it blends with the rest of your home interior.

Summing Up

Lilac is an intriguing color to use. It’s also not that widespread; you gain an advantage. When it comes to finding the right color for your Lilac, The possibilities are endless.

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