5 Bathroom Tiling Tips for a Safe and Hygienic Indian Bathroom

Indian bathrooms are no exception. The humid climate makes the population sweat and want to take a bath frequently. The Indian bathroom may have a few signs of modernity, but the fact that the whole bathroom is wet all the time is natural. Bathroom conditions in India require a new approach, especially with the requirement for daily showers. (Twice per day in summer).

Antislip floor tiles are like an enema to the Indian bathroom’s safety. But the problem doesn’t end here. Bathroom dado tiles also come into play. These two features are not only cosmetic, but they also improve safety without the need for a proper bath layout.

Bathroom Antislip Tiles

Bathroom floors are the perfect place for anti-skid tiles. The surface of these tiles is designed to provide a better grip, even when soaked in soap and water. Anti-skid ceramic tiles are available in both vitrified and non-vitrified categories.

What you need to Know about Anti-Skid Tiles in Your Bathroom

What are the best places to use antislip tiles in your bathroom?

Shower cubicles, for instance, are the most common place to use anti-skid tiles. You may not have the space to separate your small bathroom into wet and dry areas. You may need to install anti-skid tile on the entire floor of your bathroom.

In a large bathroom with a separate wet area, you can install tiles in the dry space. Make sure the user will not leave the region wet without drying.

What is the tile size for a bathroom floor?

Again, size is important. The slope of the bathroom floor must be adequate and uninterrupted to allow water to flow into the drain. It is easier to create a hill with smaller tiles. Bathroom tiles can only be found in sizes 30x30cm or smaller, depending on how much floor space is available.

Bathroom floors are often made up of 30x30cm tiles, as the smaller size tiles have more grout lines and other hazards.

What is the best grout to use?

Both the vitrified ceramic tiles and the non-vitrified feature a water- and stainproof top surface. It would be best if you made sure that water does not seep through the grout between the tiles. It is especially important to grout floor tiles because you’ll have water on the floor.

It would be best if you used silicone, acrylic, or epoxy grouts to seal the gap between wall and floor tiles. These groups are ideal for bathrooms because they are stain and water-resistant.

H&R Johnson Tiles:

H&R Johnson has a wide range of anti-skid tiles that are perfect for bathroom floors. Some examples:

Johnson Tiles’ Basic 30x30cm Matt Finish Tiles

Bathroom Dado Tiles

It would be best if you tiled the bathroom floor with non-skid tiles. For a small bathroom, however, dado tiles can be crucial. A tiled wall will resist water damage better than one that is cemented. It is also easier to clean water and soap stains off tiles than it is to wipe the walls. This applies even if the walls are painted with emulsion.

What is the difference between Dado and floor tiles?

The bathroom wall’s tiling requirements are different than the bathroom floor. Bathroom walls, for example, are vertical. Water flow is, therefore, not an issue. Moisture sticking to the walls and leaving stains can be a problem for bathroom walls.

You want the bathroom walls to look good without any complaints. In such a situation, glossy tiles are better. For wall tiles, the size (surface) is less important. For a smaller or medium-sized bathroom, you can use tiles larger than 60x120cm, 30x60cm, and 30x45cm. For larger bathrooms, you can use even bigger wall tiles.

The ideal height of the dado

The height of a bathroom dado should be as high as possible. If you have to limit the use of tiles, you can only go up to seven feet around the area that is most likely to be splashed with water.

It could be challenging to tile a small bathroom. It is enough to tile the shower area and the surrounding walls, which should cover about half of the toilet.

Even when grouting walls with tiles, you should be careful as the water that seeps behind them will cause more damage. The reason for this is that moisture behind the tiles was not discovered until much later.

Bathroom Dado Tile Ideas at H&R Johnson

H&R Johnson Tiles has hundreds of bathroom or wall tile designs. Choose from the following options to create your unique bathroom.

60x120cm tile with unique patterns, i.e., Johnson’s Glamour tiles, Exotic tiles, Carwing tiles, and Polished Tiles

Use digitally-coordinated tiles with concept prints:


  • Elite Plus Wall Concepts, 30x60cm
  • Elite Wall Concepts 30x45cm


Solid Colour Heritage Tiles of 10x30cm and 10x20cm Sizes

Bathroom Hygiene and Safety: Make your bathroom safe

In India, bathrooms were considered unclean and were usually removed from the living room. Modern bathroom fittings are capturing the minds of Indian homeowners, and more homes bring the once taboo area into their living spaces.

While tiling can solve the problem of hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom to a large extent, a modern bathroom requires smart space utilization. You can easily maintain your bathroom by using the right bath fixtures in a smart design.

By designing your bathroom with a relief area, you can move around freely in the space and avoid getting injured during normal use. When combined with anti-skid tiles, relief space makes the bathroom safer for everyone.

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