From clothes to decor for your home, Barbiecore is all about bright pink hues and an ultra-feminine design (think glitter, hearts, and feathers). However, it’s not just about decorating and wearing pink. The latest home decor and fashion style is about confidence, imagination, and originality. Those who are embracing the fun look are choosing to live more boldly. We’ve rounded the top Barbiecore decor ideas for each room to spark creativity and striking design for your home.

With the enthusiasm and excitement of the Live-action Barbie film, We can’t help but think about ways to build our dream home in real life. However, incorporating the Barbiecore style doesn’t mean one thing. It’s entirely up to you to decide what it means. You could choose small accessories like velvet throw pillows and hot pink glassware, an acrylic vase for flowers, or go for a more extravagant look by incorporating alluring pink sofas, accent chairs, or even the home office desk. We’ve got some gorgeous designs for all kinds and varieties of Barbie Girls.

There’s an excellent mirror for your makeup, a disco ball-themed planter for houseplants, and an embroidered mat for your bathroom (reminiscent of that “perfect day” pink gingham ensemble used in the movie). In addition, the officially licensed Barbie Dreamhouse candle is meant to bring a sweet aroma. Look at this fun collection if you need to be more brave or confident enough to embellish your home with striking pink accents.

Pink Velvet Pillowcases

Throw neutral pillows. Filled with faux fur, these pink pillow covers instantly bring a fresh look to your space, whether it’s your bedroom or living room.

Dragon Glassware x Barbie Martini Glasses

Iconic is the term that pops into your mind when you describe these two pink and purple martini glasses, a collaboration between Barbie(TM). You’ll be able to feel like a real Barbie every time you sip. What about wine lovers? There’s a set of pink wine glasses and matching glass coasters made of crystal.

Brooklinen Pink Checkered Bath Mat

Remember the color in the bathroom. This bath mat with a checkered pattern is reminiscent of that “perfect day” pink gingham costume in the film. The rug isn’t just about fashion: Brooklinen says this cozy mat will dry quickly.

Seashell Barrel Chair

Neutral couches, no problem. Add a hot pink accent chair to brighten up your living space instantly. Additionally, the scalloped seashell edges and the gold metal legs add a new class dimension.

Wavy Mirror

The fun and colorful decorative mirror is something you’d find inside the Barbie Dreamhouse. Wouldn’t it be fun to re-apply your pink lips in this mirror?

Homesick Barbie(tm) Dreamhouse(tm) Candle

It’s been determined: The fragrance of this Malibu dream house is sweet jasmine, peony, and rose with the uplifting scents of sandalwood and lemon. Like most Homesick candles, the soy-wax blend will burn between 60 and 80 hours.

Pink Shag Rug

Pink is a trend in the bedroom, and this soft rug instantly gives texture and stylish color to your living space. Based on the 30,000 5-star reviewers, this rug is incredibly soft and easy to wash.

Disco Ball Planters

Barbiecore isn’t restricted to pastel pinks. It’s about flirty, feminine, and outrageous decor like this hanging disco ball planter. This sparkling planter, made of gold, rose gold, or silver, creates an instant focal element. The item is hung using an attached chain or

macrame rope.

Flaviana Modern Desk

Working from home can be more enjoyable with a pink Raspberry writing desk. It can spur creativity to go wild. Do we go too far if we match it with a Hot pink chair for work?

Pink Satin Sheets

Relax as if Barbie were in these pink bubblegum satin sheets. Plus: Satin is known for keeping hair from getting tangled as you sleep, which means your hair is one step closer to hair that shines as Margot Robbie.

Pink Neon Sign

When we think of Barbie hearts, the shapes of seats are in our minds. We are obsessed with the neon heart light (especially considering it costs less than $13). Batteries power the morning and provide warmth and a pink glow to your living room or bedroom.

Acrylic Flower Vase

Barbie girls are fond of flowers (most are pink, naysayers!), and this striking vase brings our childhood fantasies to life. According to the reviews, the acrylic vase is adorable and looks exactly like the photos.

Retro Stainless Steel Toaster

Don’t let anyone convince you it’s not worth investing in a pink item. How adorable are these retro-pink toasters? It’s easy to imagine making breakfast using this fun yet practical selection. Reviewers have praised it as easy to clean and use.

Barbie Shoe Prints

Etsy is the home of lots of artwork inspired by Barbie. However, these sexy prints are an absolute must. Be aware that you’ll need to print them yourself. It’s worthwhile; we’re sure of it.

Glass Storage Cabinet

If you fill this cabinet with glasses, books, or a pantry, you might get a flashback of your Barbie dream house. Because there are doors made of glass, can you fill the cabinet with a few pink accents?

Ruggable Barbie(TM) Light Pink Doormat

Barbie girls are always welcome here. With Barbie’s logo of the official Barbie logo and offered in two distinct shades, this stylish doormat is the perfect first impression. Like all Ruggable’s products, it’s machine washable to keep that 90s-inspired look for a long time.

Etta Avenue(tm) Feather Lamp

The look of your Barbie might have worn one of the feather boas or a gorgeous pink feather-lined top; therefore, this table lamp is ideal for recreating a Barbie-inspired home. Also, Wayfair reviewers love the design and how simple to assemble.

Joybird Dreamhouse(tm) Ainsley Sofa

Enhance your living space by furnishing your home with furniture that exudes confidence and imagination, such as Joybird’s brand new Ainsley Sofa in Tourmaline (a bright color of pink).

Joanna Buchanan Bright Pink Dinner Napkins

An excellent accessory for summertime entertaining, these vibrant dinner napkins feature Barbie written across the napkins. The hot pink linen is paired with crystal napkin rings like this playful starfish or a gorgeous pink flamingo.

Bayou Breeze Guillen Textured Wallpaper

Your Barbie dream house is situated somewhere tropical. If not, you could recreate the experience by putting this tropical pink and green leaf wallpaper in your room.

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