16 Charming Kitchen Curtain Ideas That’ll Add Immediate Style to Your Space

If you’re thinking about the style you want to create for your kitchen, You probably are focused on the grand, dazzling components like the color of the cabinets and the surfaces to the counters, and even the range of tiles you have for your backsplash. But have you thought about the curtains for your kitchen? In contrast to other rooms of your house where curtains make the perfect final look, many homeowners have unadorned kitchen windows. However, when you consider it, the kitchen is where families often gather and spend time together. So why put up some beautiful curtains to brighten the rest of the area? “Windows in the kitchen provide more than just exceptional natural lighting,” says interior designer Yvonne McFadden. “They offer an opportunity to introduce soft textures and fabrics into a space otherwise filled with hard materials like stone, tile, woods and metals.”

To find out the process, we surveyed interior designers and perused our archives to discover some of the most appealing kitchen curtain designs. The options vary from short to long and range from striking to subtle, but all aim to provide a little privacy that blocks light in the kitchen and makes a statement on their own.


The pastel-colored cabinets in this kitchen were designed and created by the interior designer Mary Graham of the U.K. firm Salvesen Graham. Between all the splashes of hue, the sweet curtain panels for cafes “provide a great opportunity to bring in a bit of print without overpowering the space,” she informs us. NEUTRAL BLINDS

Designer ELLE DECOR A-List Lorenzo Castillo is an expert in mixing and layering patterns, textures and colors, styles and styles. In this Paris apartment, A pair of black rattan shades complement the Lorenzo Castillo wallpaper and the Studio Green paint by Farrow & Ball, used for the cupboards.


The contemporary, clean kitchen needed some color, and Georgie’s interior design expert Maggie Griffin did exactly that by adding Roman shades with a striking design that lent softness and the required hue. Plus: “Tossing in the old rug and placing pretty accessories on the countertop added texture and a little more color.”


In this project, Nicole Salvesen, Graham’s partner at Salvesen Graham, livened up an otherwise white kitchen by incorporating bold fabrics. “We love to work with color and balance playful with timeless,” she explains, “which is why we loved the bright and whimsical print of these curtains in the dining nook.” To add more emphasis to the vibrant blue color, Salvesen painted the trim of the windows to make it an accent area.


Designer from Los Angeles, Oliver M. Furth, revamped the Beverly Hills flat by keeping the quaint charm of the 1930s style but incorporating a modern and contemporary look. In the kitchen, it is a hand-painted Roman shade made of an attractive eggplant fabric by Porter Teleo and is a perfect match with the upholstered barstools.


If your kitchen has been painted with a single shade, consider installing an even more striking Roman shade. A patterned curtain is a quick and effective way to raise the level of an already minimalist kitchen. In this case, Graham and Salvesen opted for a curtain with “an eye-catching pattern to contrast the green of the walls and give a spark of color to the room,” Salvesen adds.


If you are a fan of the minimalist look of a white kitchen, relax by putting up a curtain that is a breeze. McFadden included an ensemble of light fabric that offered privacy but still let gentle light pass through, even if closed during the daylight hours. “The juxtaposition of the delicate, white drapery against shiplap instantly elevated the space and added ethereal sophistication,” she says. A tip for you: McFadden recommends using indoor/outdoor draperies for kitchens since they are renowned for their quality, durability, and ease of cleaning.


Shannon Eddings is a fan of a traditional cafe curtain, which provides sunlight while offering privacy (no noisy neighbors there!). “It’s also a great way to add a pop of color and pattern into the kitchen, a place that doesn’t normally have much warmth from textiles,” she says.


The elegant modern, neutral kitchen on the seventh floor of a Manhattan apartment was provided the privacy it required by simply putting up a blind of rattan. Created by Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, the concept is to create a light and airy area with a refined appearance. Alongside drapes, shiny and white Daltile tile makes the room appear bigger.


The kitchen in this Manhattan home designed by ELLE Décor Interior designers from the A-List A-List interior designers Ashe Leandro is the perfect combination of the two worlds. The huge glass windows that line the space provide more sunlight in the daytime, and the curtains give some privacy. We love the subtle beige shade that helps harness sunlight while adding a bit of contrast to the white and black design during the day.


Interior designer for residential properties Gary McBournie designs homes in a manner that isn’t too extravagant. However, he still enjoys the fun of color and pattern. In the Beverly Hills home, the soft Farrow & Ball paint on the island perfectly matches the custom pink striped shade fabric designed by Peter Fasano.


The trick to finishing off your kitchen by adding curtains? “Balance ample natural light with a bit of privacy and softness,” says Anastasia Casey, CEO and founder of data-vars-ga-outbound-link=”https://theidentite.co/” data-vars-ga-ux-element=”Hyperlink” href=”https://theidentite.co/”>IDCO Studio. “The sheer nature of cafe curtains beautifully filters light throughout the day, creating a subtle glow at breakfast and highlighting the golden hour in the evening.” She suggests picking cafe curtains that are either half or three-quarter length because they are less formal than traditional full-length drapery.


Designer Sara Johnson loves curtains for kitchens as “they add softness to an otherwise hard and sterile space,” she informs us. In the kitchen, curtains of full length were installed above the sink to stop the sun from shining in the afternoon and keep the kitchen excellent during summer.


Curtains aren’t just for windows. The kitchen of this house, constructed in 1893, desperately needed more storage. However, it was required to fit the existing heating system for baseboards. Producer and stylist Christine Hanlon added storage into the kitchen’s lower cabinets and hid it with stylish pleated curtains. “I love the look of the curtains in a modern country home as they add softness and pattern while functioning to allow the required air flow,” she explained.


A small kitchen needs shorter drapes. Gainesville, the Georgian interior design firm Maggie Griffin added curtains to add a touch of softness, to create a sense. “The check is classic,” she declares, “and we styled the space to have minimal but useful accessories.”


If you have an open-concept kitchen, consider adding floor-length curtains to create a formal dining space. In this kitchen designed by the Chicago-based design firm Elizabeth Krueger The move enhances the height of the window as well as adds warmth with “darker hues like black, green, and gold, which brought drama to the space and was the perfect pairing with the skylight,” she says.


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