10 Most Popular Home Decor Styles In 2023

As anticipated, 2023 has proved to be a year of massive change in how people want from their homes. Now more than ever, the times of plain white or all-gray rooms lacking character or warmth will be gone. Today, people are opting for more vibrant rooms and involving colors or a more sophisticated neutral that brings new life to the spaces they are most excited to call home.

The most sought-after design trends show that, even though the years go through, Southerners still hold cherished timeless designs. This year has demonstrated that the timeless style has existed for a while. But, while many of the most sought-after decorating styles are based on time-honored design principles, others have come into the spotlight this year. From classic to modern, These are the most popular designs for home decor this year.

Fresh Traditional

Traditionally decorated living rooms and dining areas are the most popular choice for Southern interiors. In the past couple of years, however, interior design expert Mimi Meacham has noticed that homeowners’ variations on traditional decor have been changing and evolving to the current version, which she describes as “fresh traditional.” 2023’s version of classic style is mixing the old and the new, bringing out conventional color palettes and adding a variety of styles and textures.

“It’s not entirely traditional and neither is it contemporary. It’s a modern, fresh approach to traditional designs,” she says. “Pops of soft colorful hues, fresh whites, new prints, and lighter warm woods dominate these spaces, as do layers of classic antique goods paired with spanking-new lacquered occasional tables.”

Dark And Moody

“The all-white look has permeated all levels of design, down to new construction, so I think the natural response to that is to introduce its counterpoint,” Interior design expert Rachel Cannon. Instead of white or even a bright color, Cannon says that rich, dark hues such as maroons and navy blues are in fashion this year.

“We do love the drama that a dense, dark paint color brings to a space,” she adds. “It helps create the feel of a very intimate room–and that’s the counterpoint we needed for the bright, white trend that has dominated for the past few years.”

Quiet Rooms

Many rooms in the house are filled with vibrant and bold colors; by 2023, Cannon adds that certain areas are reserved for more muted palettes. Cold whites are not appropriate in this design style. However, Cannon says that the intention of this style isn’t empty of any interest but rather to embrace an inviting lifestyle. Instead, warm whites, wealthy tones, cozy furnishings, natural materials, and various textures are the mainstays. They are called dedicated and comfortable spaces, “Quiet Rooms.”

“We’re seeing a return to warmer, cozier elements in design that we like to call Quiet Rooms,” Cannon describes. “In the post-pandemic world I believe we’ve all recognized the need for rooms that allow for peaceful reflection rather than for groups of people. The whole sense of community that we were locked in our homes showed that they weren’t designed for us to live there for a long time!”

Coastal Cowgirl

The result of two well-loved styles, “Coastal Cowgirl” is the perfect blend of coastal and Western styles. Additionally, it’s an ideal fit for those who live in the South, Bryan Johnson, the CEO at Shades of Light, describes.

” Coastal has been around in the US for a very, very long time and it’s had a lot of very sort of distinctive fields to it,” the author declares. “We’ve had an overall New England vibe for coastal We’ve got the Florida feel for coastal and then we have California coastal. Coastal Cowgirl however is a true fan of an inclination towards the Gulf Coast. It’s a fusion of Gulf Coast style and what you imagine when you imagine Texas.”

Combining both styles, decorating in the Coastal Cowgirl style means creating a light and airy room, which also incorporates rustic elements. According to Johnson, this includes mixing linens with recycled wood, adding the entire look using “classic Americana accents and accessories” such as a horseshoe spur and Route 66 sign.

Nostalgic Inspiration

“I see many things this year that are referential to the late 70s and early 80s,” Cannon says. This means patterns on papers, organic materials, and colors from the past are returning to fashion. Instead of retro vibes or a mid-century look, homeowners show their grace by incorporating old-fashioned items into their contemporary interiors. These throwbacks will perfectly match any antiques or vintage pieces displayed in your home.

Natural Beauty

Materials, textures, and colors rooted in nature are set to take homes to the streets in 2023. The most popular methods used by Cannon to incorporate this style are furniture made of rattan and grasscloth and selecting “gorgeous stained wood over painted wood.” Natural stone, such as soapstone and marble, is becoming popular for countertops in preference to artificial choices. You can further incorporate this style by using elements from nature, such as plants, flowers, and even branches, in your living space. The earthy tones remind us of sky, soil, and water, such as the terracotta and sage colors can also give any room a sense of natural beauty.

Modern Farmhouse

According to research by Encino that was conducted earlier in the year, the Modern Farmhouse style is still prevalent in Southern homes as of 2023. The most searched-for style was favored in the late ’80s by Chip the Chip and Joanna Gaines and is characterized by a simple design, rustic finishings, and stunning features. It’s the most sophisticated and polished version of farmhouse decor. If your house has shiplap, apron-fronted sinks, doors that are barnyard-style, as well as an elegant color scheme, You’ve probably been on the Modern Farmhouse bandwagon.


On social media, one decorating style reigns supreme in 2023: modern. An upcoming Magnet analysis shows that modern spaces are atop algorithms on social media across the US and the United Kingdom. Twitter is buzzing about this design, one of the topics of many Pinterest boards. Pinterest Board and countless Instagram posts that are saved for the future for inspiration.

Glass and steel, as well as different industrial substances, are frequently found in modern designed homes, as opposed to brick, stone, or wood-based decor. Modern lines, spacious space, and geometric design are all essential to this type of design that is becoming more fashionable in 2023. In contrast to going for a thoroughly modern look, the likelihood is that Southerners are adopting this style in smaller tastes and a touch of modern here or there.

Elevated Eclectic

Maximumalism is a fashion that we had our eyes towards in 2023, and it’s proved to be an extremely fashionable style in the year, as designers say. The maximalism trend is often presented in fascinating designs that Meacham states are a surprise. However, they’re a welcomed shift. In contrast to a “more is more” attitude, 2023’s version of maximalism has an unexpectedly dark undertone. Meacham refers to it as “a maximalist approach with an edgy vibe.”

“Elevated Eclectic” is currently growing and increasing in popularity. It’s appealing to the sassy client who is fun and has an eye for detail,” she says. This style is characterized by “non-traditional color mixing, warm antique woods in the same room with chic modern pieces, and straight lines paired with funky prints and bold textures.”


This year, minimalism has also shown an unanticipated yet highly appreciated new twist that is girly. This decorating style is playful, bold and embraces spice, sugar, and everything excellent.

“It includes vibrant colors with a playful aesthetic,” Johnson says. Johnson “Think in terms of fun shapes, big bold colors, and a very strong, feminine angle to it all.”

This look is likely to be affected by pop culture. In 2023 “Barbie” is the most talked about name, accompanied by plenty of pink and a surge of girl power. While covering your home with pink bubblegum paint might not be the best decoration with long-term longevity, powerful accents of feminine elements like frilly and colorful accessories and finishes will be out of style soon.

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